Shtang Eco is a subsidiary of Shtang Construction & Engineering Ltd. Shtang Eco was established in order to bring advanced technologies for the treatment of waste and energy production to the Israeli market, and to become a major player in the field.

Shtang ECO Ltd. has been operating for over 80 years, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. The company is a pioneer and leader in the field of infrastructure. Shtang is one of the oldest and most stable engineering and construction companies in the industry, and is a market leader in the execution of innovative projects in Israel, in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, pipejacking, and various infrastructure projects.

Shtang is the only company in Israel that has built a 12.1 MWH power plant using biogas.

Shtang carries out DBOT projects, is financially robust and has a contractor classification of unlimited financial scope.

the shafdan

Shtang Eco is committed to managing according to the principles of sustainability.

Sustainability Policy:

1. Shtang Eco will manage a threefold bottom line: economic, environmental and communal.

2. Shtang Eco is committed to refrain from causing irreparable damage and is committed to minimizing its ecological footprint and to measuring its environmental impacts, whether direct or indirect, as needed.

3. Shtang Eco is committed to contribute to the community in its core business fields.

4. Shtang Eco is committed to taking proactive steps to strive for excellence in all areas of its activity while upholding the laws of the land, professional ethics, and sustainable development values.

5. Shtang Eco is committed to taking proactive measures that promote environmental protection by adopting environmental tools and methodologies, initiating projects, developing new means, products and technologies that provide an advanced response to environmental challenges.

6. Shtang Eco is committed to maintaining a management system that identifies, measures, controls and sets goals for improvement in its areas of activity.

7. Shtang Eco has a responsibility to all its stakeholders - the general public, the community in which it operates; the surrounding communities, partners, customers, suppliers, service providers, allies and business opponents.

8. The representatives of Shtang Eco shall be responsible for their actions and decisions and shall be subject to periodic accountability.

9. Shtang Eco is committed to dealing with all its stakeholders according to the principles of sustainability - transparency, ethics, fairness and equality, in the belief that in this way our employees will be proud to work for us; our customers will remain loyal and cooperative; and this shall lead to the promotion of new projects.

10.Shtang Eco is committed to ethical conduct, in accordance with the provisions of the law, and to act, where required  and appropriate, even beyond compliance.